Let's Create Africa

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, our organization is contributing in the following way for fewer infections, and less socio-economic effects in Kenya by spearheading Africa's #1 virtual marketplace, namely "SOKO"

For this effort to be successful, we took a multi-agency/multi-sectoral by securing (but not limited to)the below partnerships and/or commitments:

  • Private sector - Metropol TV, Africa's first business station to help us produce and broadcast the show,

  • Government - Ministry of Youth & Sports in conjunction with Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK) to donate $2000 and provide counselling services to the youth, women and persons living with disabilities,

  • Civil society - Lapid leaders Kenya and a no. of other ngo's have also come together to drive campaigns to help first line & essential workers, and vulnerable communities.

Whose impact in the community is namely but not limited to:

  • reducing average consumer spend to $75 a day,

  • providing value chain access to over 200+ vendors and counting,

  • enabling alternative weekly deliveries to over 450 citizens,

  • creating an alternative source of income to over 120+ youth, women and persons living with disability, and still counting.

  • create equal and alternative employment options,

  • build Africa's largest virtual marketplace and supply chain,

  • allow financial inclusion to support livelihoods by enabling general trade,

  • promote diversity and inclusion for the marginalized in society to consume and trade. The impact and sustainability of SOKO will scale post-COVID.

The support we need is:

  • Networking,

  • Funding,

  • Partnership, and

  • Information spread.

To find out more please contact: Waihiga K.Muturi Rtn. on waihiga@letscreateafrica.com. Visit SOKO to learn more.

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