Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA)

Image: ILEPA team with National and county government officials creating awareness on Covid-19 and distributing food relief

The first case of COVID-19 was reported on March 12th 2020 and since then the cases have been on the increase. No case has been reported in Narok County yet but we are already witnessing the negative impacts of the pandemic on Maasai pastoralist communities. ILEPA through the kind and timely support of some of its development partners has been trying to keep the virus and its effect at bay by initiating some response actions at the community level.

The food security situation and nutritional requirements of pastoralist communities in the southern rangelands of Kenya have been seriously compromised by Covid-19 related constraints. Livestock markets closed, tourism-related enterprise brought to a halt, other non-farm trading hardly functional in the context of a highly subsistence livelihoods system. ILEPA has distributed Emergency food relief to most food insecure households making life a little bearable for residents of 11 villages living through tough times on account of Covid-19. in Maji Moto Community, Narok South. With all public and private learning institutions having being closed indefinitely, learning/ tutorship has been going on for learners with internet and electricity infrastructure. In addition, the Ministry of Education has ruled out any postponement of primary and secondary exit exam and this, therefore, pose serious a disadvantage to the candidates from the indigenous community who lack the basic infrastructure to able online learning. To help the Indigenous Community candidates prepare for their exams during this pandemic, ILEPA equipped the Community Resource Centre Library at Maji moto Group Ranch with computers, internet, revision books; and other relevant revision materials. Other efforts to keep Covid-19 at bay among our Indigenous Maasai pastoralists community in some villages in Narok South, Kenya by ILEPA are Awareness-raising, distribution of Foot-lever driven handwashing kits, and Infrared Thermal guns to community health facilities. In addition, culturally appropriate and reusable protective facemasks were distributed to Community Volunteer Health workers, Elders, and examination class candidates periodically accessing the Community resource center for revision.

With the livestock markets still closed and the tourism enterprise still at a halt, the pastoral household will still need emergency food relief to keep them going. ILEPA will appreciate any help given to help feed more pastoral households during these trying times.

We would also like support to help us supply more culturally appropriate masks to more community members in the indigenous communities and more revision materials for the candidates.

To find out more on what help we need or how we can assist, please contact: Easter Kinyua,

You can also click on this link to read more.

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