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Image: GSN's Social Media Messaging- Somali English

Green String Network (GSN) has pulled together a collection of Kenyan illustrations for supporting grassroots community sensitization about COVID19.We use Kenyan illustrations and stories to portray complicated and emotional topics. Thus, with the evolution of COVID19, we realized a missing link was quality key life-saving messages and simple illustrations that could show people how they and their families could live safely during this time with physical distancing, wearing masks, and dealing with the curfew, among other things.

In partnership with the Ministry of Health, the National Police Service, and the Ministry of Interior, we have several visual posters and social media products on a Google Site which is opensource. You can download and print any of the posters (size A1, A3, and A4, A5, and A6) and social media (FB/IG and twitter) images. 

We would like other health organizations to use these resources across Kenya. We know NGOs are doing a lot of good work at the community level and the posters could be used to help people visualize a new safer way to live. Currently, the materials are in English, Kiswahili, Sheng and all other vernacular languages (Somali, Akamba, Bukusu and Wanga).We want our images and language to reflect an inclusive Kenya.

Click on the website.

To find out more or contribute, please contact: Bonface Njeresa Beti on Also click on the document below to learn more

GSN COVID-19 Communication Response Gene
Download • 919KB

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