Are Our Children Learning?

Technological advancements have accelerated in recent times, with wide ranging implications for education both by way of agenda-setting in the sector and direct impact on actual teaching and learning. Literacy is increasingly synonymous to digital literacy. Digital illiteracy is just as encumbering as illiteracy. This fact has driven the Kenyan government to invest in integrating ICT in education. The objective highlighted in both Ministry of education policies and Ministry of Information and Communication policies, is to make ICT a platform for improved efficiency in the delivery of education, while simultaneously making the teaching and learning space a hotbed for ICT skills acquisition.

This seemed to be going well for the last seven years until the covid-19 pandemic forced us into a moment of reflection. The closure of schools due to the pandemic has challenged education sector stakeholders to leverage technology to support continued learning of children from home.

We have been found unprepared. The reality check on how little our efforts to integrate ICT in education have achieved is painfully sobering. But even more awakening is how the digital divide follows other existing fault lines and the potential for this divide to cause differential access to learning opportunities in circumstances such as the covid-19 crisis.

To find out more please contact: Dr. Emmanuel Manyasa on Also click on the document below to learn more

Usawa Agenda 2020 Report_LR (1)
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